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This week I am talking about how to know if you are just unlucky in love. 

This episode has quite a bit of tough love…

  • Why you might think you are unlucky in love
  • A lot of swearing & awkward singing
  • A lot of tough love genius
  • Three things you can look at to change your luck in love


The all-in convo:

“Let’s just do this. Let’s just really like each other and go all in.”

“Know that anything that might have come out hurtful was never intended to be that way, because the last thing that I would ever want to do is hurt your feelings and it probably came out wrong.”

“If I am freaking out or something is bothering me, I am going to let you know. Because I want us to work through it. I want us to both win because we are creating something beautiful here and we are making it stronger every day.”

“I am going to put aside my shit and just assume you really like me unless you tell me differently and I hope you do the same.”

“Let’s never worry about it being too much or too little. We are both doing the best we can and we are smart enough to ask for more or less in kind ways.”

“I am just going to fully trust you because I believe that if this isn’t working out we are both adults enough to talk it out and decide together to part ways. Thanking each other for the time we spent and the lessons learned from each other. Because choosing to be with someone every single day is truly a gift.”


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About the Host:

Kira is a positive psychology practitioner, certified life coach, and founder of Relationship Quotient. She has been helping people from around the globe build important dating and relationships mindsets and skills since 2007.  

She is based in Madison WI…and yes, she loves cheese. 🧀

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