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They say, “relationships are hard work,” but no one ever talks about what that truly means. 

Listen in to this episode as Kira breaks down the meaning behind the common phrase “relationships are hard work” and what you can do to make your relationships a little bit easier. Kira shares a few valuable mindsets and skills you can practice to make your relationship less difficult and more rewarding. 

You’ll gain insight into the power of becoming aware of your coping mechanisms, setting boundaries with people, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, having those hard conversations, and building self-worth and self-compassion. 

Once you cultivate these things, you won’t have to scramble to fix them later in therapy after someone’s already been hurt. You won’t have to hide behind the insecurities and the difficulties. You will feel empowered in your decisions, whether you’re single or not! Doesn’t that sound pretty good?

So, choose your hard. 

Relationships are a major key to happiness. However, it’s easier to be single… (8:17)

Hard healthy relationships vs. Hard unhealthy relationships. (12:31)

You may get triggered and you WILL have to face your triggers. (24:37) 

Having a healthy relationship requires problem-solving skills. (25:26)

Setting boundaries and saying “no” is very important! (29:36)

Tough conversations are hard, but they are inevitable. (31:41)

You have to be okay with being uncomfortable. (32:36)


About the Host:

Kira is a positive psychology practitioner, certified life coach, and founder of Relationship Quotient. She has been helping people from around the globe build important dating and relationships mindsets and skills since 2007.  

She is based in Madison WI…and yes, she loves cheese. 🧀

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