This really works.

Founder Kira & her Hubs Danny in Mexico 2018 --->

“This process isn’t about finding the perfect relationship with a romantic partner; this class is about improving your relationship with yourself, and all the “ships” you have in life: family, friends, coworkers, AND significant  others.”

Kendra, DC

"The lessons that I learned and applied lead me to find a love that I never dreamt possible."

Paula, OH

"TY TY TY for everything! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far!

Your love for teaching healthy relationships is your most sparkly tool!"

“Kira helps you to know yourself, how you think, what you need and want and what your priorities are and that is foundational for being able to foster the best and healthiest relationships not only with yourself but with others.”

Heather, CO

"I met my boyfriend in the middle of a pandemic when it seemed nearly impossible to make a connection. But because of my skill set from the OM and really honing in on what is truly important in a relationship, I am proud to say that I’m in a healthy, happy partnership."

“This work will change every facet of your life – yes, it will change your romantic relationships but it will change how you show up in every relationship….for the better.”

Amanda, PA

"But most importantly I have learn to accept myself as I am."
"Kira will change your fuckin’ life...if you let her."
"Her passion about her clients truly shines through."

I feel free! I love myself, I set boundaries, I know how to ask for what I need/want. I would recommend this to everyone. Absolutely life changing!

Melissa, KY

“This work will challenge you, stretch you, & grow you, but you won’t regret showing up for you and the relationships in your life! Kira & this community make it possible to learn & grow in a welcoming, compassionate, & supportive setting.” Krista, CA

Let’s face it, I have SUCKED at dating in the past. I even claimed myself to have a broken picker, but, my picker wasn’t broken, the hard truth is my self-worth & self-compassion was at an extremely concerning low. THIS SH!T WORKS and I am living, breathing proof! I have learned how to set boundaries, I know what I want, and how to communicate my needs in a healthy manner.

“I was initially hesitant and unsure that I would want someone poking around my business. However, through the process I’ve gained more knowledge about myself and how I date in this six weeks than over the last five years I’ve been dating.

Adam, WI

I think of all the YEARS I spent reading self-help articles, bitching to friends about my love life, and stumbling through the dating world on my own and I cringe, because in less than six months, Kira gave me all the life-changing tools I needed to build a healthy relationship.

Sara, OH

"Kira has been my rock through my divorce and getting back into dating. She has helped me see what went wrong in my marriage and how to move forward and learn from the situation. We have worked on finding back to who I really am and want to be. " Ida, IL

We talk when things aren't comfortable and that includes those uncomfortable triggers...but we work through them TOGETHER! I now feel like a happy, content, fulfilled, joyful & a better, empowered woman! Every single woman on this earth should do this. Married, divorced, single, widowed, etc. It's about personal development.

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