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Dating is a numbers game… We’ve all heard the phrase, but is it true? Absolutely not.

Listen in to this episode as Kira shares her candid thoughts on why dating isn’t a numbers game and what makes really relationships successful. She also highlights some real (and mind-blowing) dating and relationship statistics that just might shift your perspective of online dating.

Let’s reinvent the way we approach dating and relationships. Let’s log off of our online dating platforms and get out into the real world so we can find real relationships. Get out of your own way, do the work, and reap the rewards.

You are enough. You are worthy of having long-lasting, quality relationships. BUT, you have to believe that you are enough and that you are worthy of love.


Online dating is a bit like communism… (12:13)

Real dating statistics that might change your perspective of online dating. (13:56)

Why dating isn’t a numbers game & Why online dating causes so much burnout. (20:13)

The #1 predictor of a relationship’s success is trust. (22:28)

Danny and Kira’s most powerful dating tips. (23:50)


About the Host:

Kira is a positive psychology practitioner, certified life coach, and founder of Relationship Quotient. She has been helping people from around the globe build important dating and relationships mindsets and skills since 2007.  

She is based in Madison WI…and yes, she loves cheese. 🧀

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