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As women, we have strived to become independent for multiple generations… but when does independence become ultra-independence? Can ultra-independence actually become unhealthy, or even harmful to us?

Listen in to this episode as Kira talks about the difference between independence and ultra-independence, as well as how ultra-independence can negatively impact your life.

Female independence is a beautiful thing, but when it evolves to the point where we can’t be weak, we can’t be vulnerable, we can’t ask for things we need, or we’re scared to show up in relationships and be who we truly are… then, we have a major problem. 

Ultra-independence can show up in several negative ways, from perfectionism to trust issues to codependency. Let’s figure out how it’s showing up in your life and what you can do about it…

We’re among the first women to experience this level of independence in our lives. (7:58)

Why people (mostly men) feel threatened by female independence. (12:52)

How technology has enabled women to be independent and not get taken advantage of. (14:47)

How independence becomes ultra independence & Why it can become a harmful trauma response. (16:02)

How ultra independence may be showing up in your life. (24:48)

Questions Answered:

How do I stop being ultra-independent? (31:17)


About the Host:

Kira is a positive psychology practitioner, certified life coach, and founder of Relationship Quotient. She has been helping people from around the globe build important dating and relationships mindsets and skills since 2007.  

She is based in Madison WI…and yes, she loves cheese. 🧀

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