Do you really want love as much as you say you do?

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Did you know that the biggest predictor of your happiness and fulfillment in life is love? No pressure, right? In all seriousness, how much do you want love? How much are you willing to push through the fear and discomfort to show up as your full self?

Listen in to this episode as Kira opens up about one of the most difficult times in her life that ultimately shifted her priorities, helped her move through the fear of love, and totally changed her mindset around love.

Are you willing to push the fear aside for love?

Harvard’s study: Good relationships are the happiest way to life. (1:27)

The mindset shift you need & Kira’s personal story. (4:09)

Questions to ask yourself so you can move through your fear of love. (12:14)



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About the Host:

Kira is a positive psychology practitioner, certified life coach, and founder of Relationship Quotient. She has been helping people from around the globe build important dating and relationships mindsets and skills since 2007.  

She is based in Madison WI…and yes, she loves cheese. 🧀

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